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The Rising Trend of Adult Orthodontics

The surge in adult orthodontic treatments is undeniable. Thanks to innovations, there are now nearly invisible tools available, allowing adults to undergo orthodontic procedures with subtlety.

More and more adults are seeing the value of a radiant smile. It’s not just about aesthetics; a revamped smile can elevate one’s confidence, making a mark both socially and professionally.

More and more adults are seeing the value of a radiant smile

Key Differences in Adult Orthodontics

Orthodontic procedures for adults stand out in two major ways:

Firstly, adults have fully developed jaw structures, which means there’s no scope for altering the jaw’s fundamental layout using orthodontic tools, unlike with growing children.

Secondly, adults are more susceptible to periodontal (gum) diseases than kids. During orthodontic treatments, gentle pressures are exerted on the teeth, which then navigate through the bone around them. Ensuring the health of the gums is pivotal. If neglected, it could lead to bone deterioration, jeopardizing the teeth’s stability in the long run.

Thus, any gum ailments must be addressed prior to embarking on the orthodontic journey. To safeguard gum health, regular professional dental cleanings are vital during the treatment, alongside maintaining robust oral hygiene habits.

The Spectrum of Orthodontic Tools

At their core, all orthodontic instruments function similarly: they leverage consistent, gentle pressure to realign teeth. However, the means to apply these pressures have evolved with a slew of recent innovations.

Modern orthodontic tools, especially the discreet variants, are crafted to seamlessly fit into an adult’s dynamic personal and work life. A few orthodontic tools include:

Post-treatment Protocol

Post orthodontic treatment, the importance of retainers can’t be stressed enough, irrespective of the appliance type chosen or the patient’s age.

Without the strategic use of retainers, allowing new supporting bone to form around them, there’s a risk of teeth reverting to their initial positions. And that’s a scenario we all wish to avoid.

Guidance will be provided on maintaining your revamped, radiant smile, ensuring it continues to be a source of pride and joy for years ahead.

Guidance will be provided on maintaining your revamped, and radiant smile.

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